Custom Pet Portraits. Because your dog is awesome.

Would you do anything for your dog?

Are you known amongst your friends for treating your dog more like a hairy baby?

If you're looking for something to celebrate (and let's be honest - show off) just what a furry bundle of epicness your dog is, a custom pet portrait is a great way to go!

Small Dog Art portraits are a perfect match if you want:

A portrait that's fun and modern

Your dog's character to be firmly in the spotlight

An image that's simple, bold and striking

Something that'll fit your existing decor

To smile every time you see it

If this sounds like what you're after, great! Keep scrolling to get the full details of how to get your small (or big) dog on your wall!

What You Get

A 30cm x 30cm diameter profile portrait on a solid, circular coloured background

Finished image as a giclée print on top-quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper

The original A4 graphite drawing (in addition to the digital print)

Email consultations to discuss colour preferences and find out more about your dog's personality

Free worldwide shipping using EMS Express Mail Service (tracked and insured)

Completed and delivered within 4 - 6 weeks (when full payment is made in advance)

What Others Say

Pet Dog Portrait by Jo Fallonquote1As with most dog owners my little cocker spaniel is my baby and also like so many of them wanted her immortalised with a professional portrait that I could treasure forever.

However, being a bit arty myself and having an appreciation for contemporary art I was not going to have what I would call an “old lady” oil or watercolour portrait; the kind of portrait that is really only ever appreciated by the owner and a little cringe-worthy for all those made to appreciate it by the dogs owner. I wanted a portrait that could be a piece of art in itself that should take pride of place not only in my home but equally anyone’s (even those without a dog!).

When I came across Jo’s Illustration website and her portrait of the French Bulldog I knew instantly that this was exactly the style that I had been looking for; and the fact that she was a free lance artist and did not just do pet portraits sold it even more….this is art not just a portrait.

I emailed Jo and sent her some photos of Ellie so she could get a feel for her character and left it to her to come up with everything, I had no other input other than that. When the print arrived I was thrilled, it went above and beyond any expectations that I had. The print is beautiful and it will be treasured forever.

I cannot recommend Jo enough, and I have yet found anyone else with a better portrait of their pet to date. I will be using Jo again in the future….and in time may build up a nice triptych of dog portraits!quote2

~Lisa Coulston, Scotland


1. Complete your payment of $700 USD (about £450 GBP)

2. I'll email you so we can talk about your portrait

3. Send across at least 5 good quality photos of your dog (you'll get more details on what to send in the initial email)

4. Approve the draft colour composition

WEEKS 2 - 4:
5. I'll start the pencil drawing, and get your approval for likeness before rendering

6. Work starts on the rendering, and I'll ask for your approval on the final image before going to print

WEEKS 4 - 6:
7. Look out for your delivery in the post!

1. I'll email you to set up a reoccurring payment of $265 USD (about £171 GBP) for 3 months (total: $795 / about £513) through Paypal, which can be used with most cards

2. Once your first instalment has been received, I'll email you so we can talk about your portrait

3. Send across at least 5 good quality photos of your dog (you'll get more details on what to send in the initial email)

4. Approve the draft colour composition

5. I'll start the first stage of the drawing

6. On receipt of the second instalment of $265, the drawing stage will be completed

7. You'll receive a confirmation email that the second stage (colouring) has started

8. On receipt of the final instalment of $265 your portrait will be completed

9. Approve the final image before going to print

10. Look out for your delivery in the post!

Some FAQs

Do you draw big dogs too?
Yep! Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcomed to be drawn.

Can I have more than one dog drawn?
Absolutely. In general, each dog will have its own portrait with a 10% discount for two or more commissions ordered at the same time.

If you would like something more customised, please get in touch and we can discuss the options and price.

Can I commission a portrait as a gift?
What a lovely idea! As long as you can provide a few good quality photos of the recipients dog, this isn't a problem at all.

Email communication on the progress of the image will be made with you.

You have the option to choose if you would like the final image delivered to you to gift, or directly to the recipient.

Please get in touch to discuss options such as gift-wrapping and personalised messages.

Can you draw my cat/guinea pig/lizard/budgie/spouse?
Although I'm not taking on commissions of the human variety, I'll certainly consider other furry, scaly or feathered friends. Just drop me a line!

Ready to get started? Drop me a line via the contact form below...

About & Contact

Thanks for getting this far!

I'm Jo Fallon, an illustrator and designer with a passion for portraits - whether they be small dogs or Rock Gods.

I love drawing dogs because they have such distinct characters, which are so much fun to capture on paper. All the portraits start with an A4 pencil drawing, which is then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. You will receive both the original pencil drawing and digital print when you order a commission.

I'll work with you to make sure the true personality of your dog comes through in the picture, so that it makes you smile every time you see it on your wall.

I don't actually own a dog (yet) due to a life of frequent travel and rented apartments, but would one day love a little sesame shiba-inu (that'd be called 'Miso' - not that I've thought about it much) ;)

I'm half-English, half-Japanese and after several years of moving around the UK and a brief stint in Australia, have currently settled near Nagoya in Japan.

Come and say "hello" or "konnichiwa" by filling in the form below, or send an email to and I'll be happy to answer any questions, and talk about creating your perfect small (or big) dog art.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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